Celtic font recommendations and top Irish fonts that are most commonly used for St. Patrick’s Day or Gaelic fonts just to keep the Irish spirit alive all year round!

What fonts give an Irish and Celtic feel to give the theme of Ireland? Irish, Celtic and Gaelic traditions are rooted in the bedrock of Ireland, a country that very proud people call home. Here is a cultural selection of Irish and Celtic fonts suitable for St Patrick’s Day or just to keep the Irish spirt alive all year round. The most popular Irish and Celtic fonts that will help inspire your St Patrick’s Day and Celtic font projects are:

American Uncial Regular – A historic Irish font with a Celtic air, American Uncial is a spirited choice for greeting cards, awards certificates, and St. Patrick’s Day party invitations.

Erbar – A stunning decorative Celtic font with a historical engraved appearance, Erbar is in its glory in holiday greeting cards, awards certificates, and elegant party invitations.

Hasitngs – Strong but delicate, historically inspired Hastings is richly elegant in formal invitations and holiday greeting cards.

Colmcille Ornaments – Designed by Colm Ó Lochlainn in the mid-1930’s, Colmcille has a gaelic elegance that makes it readable at small sizes and noteworthy when used in headlines. A great font to celebrate St. Patricks Day, and to add charm to many other occasions.

Taking into account that Celtic fonts need to show a strong sense of national pride, Irish tradition and Irish culture, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Irish and Celtic fonts that would ingrain deep feelings of the Irish heritage for any project. Our Celtic fonts would not only be appropriate for Saint Patrick’s Day, but can be used all year round for Irish themed cards, invitations, decorations, craftsFree Articles, scrapbooks and other Gaelic and Celtic font projects.

Here are more Irish fonts and Celtic fonts that would be ideal for the St Patrick’s Day or any Irish themed font project:

Colmcille Bold Font



Pretoria Font

American Text Font

Zalderdash Font

Wittenberger Franktur Bold Font

Old English Text Font

Goudy Text Font

Engravers Old English Font

The Celtic font suggestions mentioned above are just Saint Patrick’s Day project idea starters and a small sample of what is used to create an Irish themed font project. The Celtic font possibilities are endless…please visit FontMarketplace.com to explore more traditional and cultural Irish fonts that would be the most ideal for St Patrick’s Day and Celtic font themed projects!